Patrick Sharp prepares as if “we’re going to start on time”

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With a second consecutive 30+ goal season and another frustrating playoff exit behind him, Patrick Sharp is likely eager to jump back into action.

A probable lockout could put those plans on hold, yet Sharp told Chris Kuc that he’s preparing as if the 2012-13 season will start on time.

“When you’re pushing pretty hard on the ice or on the bike or in the gym, sometimes you think, ‘What am I doing this for? — we might not be playing,'” Sharp said. “But I’ve got the mindset and the focus that we’re going to start on time.”

At 30 years old with a contract that expires after 2016-17, Sharp isn’t losing valuable time to earn his next big deal and is more or less in his prime.

Perhaps that explains his positivity.

“I try not to get too negative. I’m an optimist,” Sharp said. “I feel like it’s something that can get done and there’s not a reason to miss … games.”

Even so, Sharp did admit that he’d consider playing in Europe if it came down to it.