Landeskog wants you to see this anti-lockout video


On Friday, the same day that the CBA negotiations stalled, a fan-made video entitled “‘Together We Can’ #nolockout” was posted on YouTube. Since then it’s gone viral with over 145,000 views and more than a thousand comments.

Judging by some of those comments and the sheer ratios of likes/dislikes, it seems like the video has been very well received. It also struck a cord with 2012 Calder Trophy winner Gabriel Landeskog, who tweeted that the video gave him chills.

In the video description, the author concedes that the video has an NHLPA bias, but adds that “I hope you guys understand the main message and idea of the video even if you were standing in a neutral position.”

You can view his work below to get a sense for the author’s intended message: