Columnist thinks owners’ CBA demands might hurt Benn-Stars talks

We’ve mentioned before that contracts like Jordan Eberle’s recently signed six-year, $36 million extension are likely to impact the negotiations of restricted free agent Jamie Benn. However, Allan Muir of Sports Illustrated thinks there might be another big factor: the owners’ CBA demands.

It looks like owners will want players signed to existing contracts to take some form of a pay cut. That might weigh on Benn as his agent and the Dallas Stars discuss his next contract.

It would be an interesting turn of events if that’s the case, because there’s been suggestions that other players have signed before the CBA’s expiration in case the rules regarding long-term contracts change.

For example, Eberle’s current deal would not have been allowed under the terms of the owner’s original offer. If Benn wants a contract that’s longer than five years, then he might be motivated to sign before the Sept. 15 expiration.

On the other hand, if Benn and the Dallas Stars are looking at a more short-term deal, then he might simply wait until there’s a new CBA to sign. As Muir points out, the Dallas Stars will not want to start the season without one of their top, young players, especially if their fanbase has already been forced to endure a lockout before the 2012-13 campaign finally gets underway.

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