Mayers on CBA talks: Owners “don’t think our ideas were good enough”

Jamal Mayers spent Sunday training with teammates and participating in “Blackhawks Day” at Wrigley Field, yet stalling CBA negotiations were clearly on his mind while speaking with Chris Kuc.

In particular, Mayers expressed frustrations about owners seemingly dismissing the NHLPA’s first proposal.

“We presented what I would (describe) as an unbelievable offer to owners that would help fix a lot of the problems in the next three or four years,” Mayers said. “… We’ve recognized there are issues and we’ve come up with an opportunity for the owners to fix them and for whatever reason, they don’t think our ideas were good enough.”

With the current standstill in mind, more Blackhawks are acknowledging the possibility of a European sojourn.

Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews have already been connected to the idea, but Kuc now reports that Mayers, Patrick Sharp and Dave Bolland indicated they might look into similar plans.

“For a young guy like me who can go over there and keep my skills and keep up my game is a big thing,” Bolland, 26, said. “We never want to miss a season (or) games. I talked to my agent to see what the options are. We’ll see how this goes.”

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