Could Jordan Eberle’s contract set the stage for Jamie Benn’s deal?

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Defending Big D’s Brandon Worley believes that Jamie Benn might use Jordan Eberle’s hefty contract extension during his negotiations with the Dallas Stars.

Eberle is just one year younger than Benn and is in a comparable spot as far as his importance to the franchise goes; while Taylor Hall is certainly a major factor as well, Eberle’s two-way ability and offensive dynamism is much more in line with what Jamie Benn brings to the Stars. The numbers are somewhat comparable as well, although Eberle’s point total was higher last season.

Benn is a restricted free agent still in need of a new deal.

At 23, he’s a few years away from unrestricted free agency, but still has strong leverage after coming off an All-Star season.

One key difference between Benn and Eberle is that there isn’t anyone making Taylor Hall-type money ($6 million per year) in Dallas.

The Stars’ biggest cap hit is currently Alex Goligoski’s $4.6 million, so Benn could end up being the team’s highest-paid player.