What they’re saying about Friday’s disappointing negotiating session


The NHL and players’ union ended Friday’s meeting without making any noticeable progress towards a new CBA. As you might expect, plenty of fans, players, and hockey insiders took to Twitter to voice their opinions.

We’ve taken a sampling of some of the insightful, interesting, and revealing tweets to share with you.

First off, it might be helpful to take a step back and look at today’s events as part of a longer process. As Tom Gulitti of The Record pointed out:

Montreal Gazette writer Dave Stubbs points out that this isn’t just about the players, owners, and fans. There’s another group of people that will be severely impacted if there’s a lockout, but they can do little more than wait on the sidelines and hope for a resolution:

As player agent Allan Walsh points out, there’s at least one man in the hockey industry that’s going to get paid:

A number of people shared their feelings and frustrations with CSN Chicago’s Tracey Myers. Here’s one that might echo a number of fans sentiments:

Tweets like that probably don’t surprise Stubbs:

Finally, Orange County Register sports columnist Mark Whicker might have the solution to all of our problems: