Mueller: “I haven’t felt this clear since my first year”

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For the second offseason in a row, the Florida Panthers are rolling the dice with a talented Colorado Avalanche forward whose career has been ravaged by injuries.

It worked out splendidly with Tomas Fleischmann, and if health indeed is the big issue for Peter Mueller, he seemed confident in overcoming that when speaking to Harvey Fialkov.

“It’s 100 percent behind me. I tell people all the time I haven’t felt this clear since my first year which is awesome,” Mueller said. “I feel great on the ice and in the weight room, just in overall health, I feel a lot better than what I’m used to to, so that’s exciting and encouraging … In some aspects I’m like a rookie again.”

Rookie year-type numbers would be music to Florida’s ears.

Mueller’s inaugural year was by far his best, scoring 22 goals and 54 points in 81 games during that 2007-08 campaign.

“I want to play 82 games. I want to contribute,’’ Mueller said. “There’s no doubt I can [match my rookie output]. If I’m in the lineup I’m confident in my abilities and I’m confident that I can help this team win and I’m confident I can make other people better.”