Jovanovski: “I just hope we don’t miss any hockey”

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George Richards caught up with a group of Florida Panthers to discuss a potential lockout, with an anonymous one providing a troubling comment about what he’s preparing for.

“Getting ready for November,” joked one former Panthers player who asked not to be identified. “I hope we play in October. But I also hope we play in November. We’re still getting ready.”

Veterans such as Ed Jovanovski and Jose Theodore weren’t quite as humorous about the proceedings.

“I’m optimistic we’re going to get something done,” Jovanovski said. “You see a business side in every sport. Everyone wants a fair deal. As players, we’re more than willing to make things fair. But there are 700 people in our union and everything has to be agreed upon. I just hope we don’t miss any hockey.”

Theodore compared how he felt during the previous lockout to what he’s thinking now.

“The last time around, I was 27 so I dealt with it as ‘oh, I have a lot more years left’,” Theodore said. “We had a good thing going last year and we really want to get back at it. I’m preparing as if nothing is going to happen, but you have it in the back of your mind. You worry this thing might drag out.”