Eberle on offseason: “Maybe I’m getting my man strength”


Even without his huge contract extension, Jordan Eberle was primed to enter next season with heightened expectations.

Eberle reflected on the pressure he faces individually and the Oilers confront as a team going into 2012-13.

“We have a lot to prove still,” Eberle said. “Team-wise, we haven’t really achieved much yet, and that’s our focus right now.”

Eberle discussed what he describes as a vigorous offseason training program.

“I’ve had a huge summer of training, maybe my best ever,” Eberle said. “Maybe I’m getting older, getting my man strength.”

(That has the making of a fantastic nickname, or at least an amusing T-shirt.)

Eberle admitted that he was “anxious” to sign the deal after Taylor Hall inked his similar contract extension.

The Oilers’ Web site includes full audio of Eberle’s reactions here. Edmonton GM Steve Tambellini also reflected on the signing at the team’s Twitter site.