Dan Hamhuis on latest proposal: “I don’t think it changed too much”

While Zach Parise provided passionate and critical comments about Gary Bettman/the owners, two Vancouver Canucks players provided interesting responses of their own.

Here are Dan Hamhuis’ thoughts, via Ben Kuzma.

“Gary [Bettman] made it [proposal] sound like significant and meaningful steps. I don’t think it changed too much,” Hamhuis said. “When you look behind the numbers, it really doesn’t change a lot. You can say 50-50 [split], but 50-50 of what is the question?”

Manny Malhotra would also like someone to shed light on that question.

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Malhotra provides an honest appraisal of the situation as it is, though.

“As much as we talk about [revenue] percentages and definitions, there’s a big picture that needs to be settled — not one number,” Malhotra said.  “The positive is that the lines of communication are still open, but whether we call the proposal meaningful is another thing.”

Word is that the NHLPA hopes to provide its counter-point by Friday.


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