Owners present players with second proposal, will meet again Wednesday


After the two sides met earlier, they reconvened after a four-hour break that saw Donald and Steve Fehr meet up with some of the players to discuss what went down this morning. What made things special today? The owners presented a new proposal.

Fehr told the media following their 30-minute afternoon session, as Renaud Lavoie of RDS shares, “We got another proposal from the league. Came back today and we want to work on it tonight and in the morning.”

Fehr says the proposal is “different in some respects” but would not clarify what was different. We’ll likely find out later tonight or tomorrow.

The union chief also says he “doesn’t feel better or worse” about it, and “it’s a proposal we intend to respond to.” Take that for what it’s worth.

There will be more players in New York City for tomorrow’s session. Perhaps both sides are starting to buckle down a bit with a September 15 deadline looming before a lockout.