Zdeno Chara nabs NHL.com’s title for greatest slap shot ever


Zdeno Chara keeps breaking the All-Star Game’s hardest shot record and frightening shot blockers around the NHL, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that John Kreiser says he has the greatest slapper in NHL history.

He’s not the only active NHL player on the list, however.

Shea Weber (No. 5), Steven Stamkos (No. 6) and Sheldon Souray (No. 7) joined him to show that this is a dangerous time to be in a puck’s path.

Some of the best material comes from the entries on retired players, though.

Kreiser includes Bobby Hull, which isn’t much of a surprise, but his brother Dennis’ inclusion might be. Al MacInnis’ entry might have the most mythic quality, though:

He sent a calling card on Jan. 17, 1984, when his slap shot from outside the blue line hit Blues goaltender Mike Liut in the mask, splitting his helmet on the way into the net. The power of his shot made MacInnis one of the most feared players in the NHL — especially on the power play. He was one of the few players who was a threat to score from center ice.

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