Bissonnette praises Fehr: “He’s not going all hardcore lawyer on us”


Plenty of players have said that they’re fully behind Donald Fehr, standing beside him at meetings. But are they really soaking it all in or are their eyes glazing over?

Sean Fitz-Gerald gathers some amusing quotes from players that praise Fehr’s ability to translate dense information to the NHLPA.

Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette provided some of the most interesting bits.

“As smart as Don is, he does a good job of explaining it in a not-so-smart-kind of way,” Bissonnette said. “He uses simple words, and he’s not going all hardcore lawyer on us.”

“He gave us a lot of information. He’s on the ball. He’s pretty witty. He’s funny. So he keeps us engaged.”

Maxime Talbot explains that Fehr is readying them to stand their ground.

“Don is such a good leader, and has got such a good grasp on things that we listen,” Talbot said. “And when he says we don’t fear a lockout, it’s because we know it’s a process. We’re ready to be patient.”