Poll results: PHT readers think Joe Thornton is Hall of Fame material


On San Jose Sharks Day, PHT asked readers if they think that Joe Thornton is putting together a Hall of Fame-type career.

Almost two-thirds of voters (61.82 percent or 285) responded “Yes.”

source:  The question prompted some interesting discussion in the comments section as well. Here are two vantage points (click here for more).

I was selfishly cheering for him to get in, because I was a North Stars fan as a kid, but when they let Dino Ciccarelli in the HOF in 2010 the bar was lowered. Dino simply stuck around and got numbers; he never won a Cup or a major individual award.

I think Thornton would eventually get in-after a bit of a wait-even without a Cup. He’s got a Hart and an Art Ross, he seems like a lock to finish his career with 1,200+ points and he has an Olympic gold, a World Cup championship and a World Jr. gold to his name.

He also has about five years left to try for the Cup win that would make his election a no-brainer.


The bottom line is that Thornton needs to win the Stanley Cup before any Hall of Fame conversation can be started. He is very good no doubt, yet a birdie putt left “close” is still just a par in the end. I say “liquidate” Wilson and McLellan now, give Robinson the keys to the car and I can guarantee you Sharkies, that it’ll be “you and us” dancing at next year’s WCF.