NHL, NHLPA back at the bargaining table


The NHL and NHLPA are meeting again today in Toronto, seeking to narrow the “meaningful gulf” between the two sides as the Sept. 15 expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement approaches.

Hopefully, the two sides will emerge not with a “meaningful gulf,” but perhaps just a “slight chasm”? (We’d be thrilled with a “mere ravine,” but that’s probably be too optimistic.)

NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly put it this way in an email to the Canadian Press: “We are hoping that our meetings this week can serve as a jumping off point for further discussion and negotiation over the critical economic and system issues that we need to resolve in order to reach an agreement.”

So far we’ve only seen each side make its proposal, with neither side appearing particularly impressed with what it heard from the other.

Could today be the day when the real negotiating starts?