Report: Scott Hartnell’s deal includes a no-movement clause


Scott Hartnell embraced the Twitter meme #HartnellDown, but now he won’t have to worry about it morphing into a joke about an AHL demotion.

RDS’ Renaud P. Lavoie reports that Hartnell’s new six-year extension includes a no-movement clause.

That means if the Flyers ever want to trade Hartnell, he’d need to give the go-ahead … and they’d need the same permission to bury his cap hit in the minors. (If that’s allowed in the new CBA, anyway.)

Hartnell’s in the last year of his current deal, which includes a no-trade clause to boot.

His extension would cover him through age 37, so many are worried that the big-haired power forward might wear down thanks to his hard-driving (and frequently falling) style.

So far, he’s been rock-solid since the Flyers acquired him in a trade, though.

Hartnell has played in at least 80 games in the past five seasons, including missing just one regular season contest in the last four (2009-10).

Philly is obviously banking on his sturdiness to continue, then.