Former NHLer Danton denied visa to play in England


Former Devils and Blues forward and convicted felon Mike Danton wants to play hockey in England, but as of right now those prospects aren’t looking good.

According to Chris Johnston of The Canadian Press, Danton was denied a work visa to play for the Coventry Blaze. In case you’re unfamiliar with Danton’s story, he served more than five years in prison after being convicted of being part of a failed murder-for-hire plot. Danton will file another application with the UK Border Agency to see if he’ll be allowed in.

Recently, Danton has feuded with Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun and saved the life of a teammate in a pickup game after he started suffering a seizure. Despite Danton not being allowed back in the United States after serving time, he still has aspirations of playing in the NHL again.

Chalk this situation up as another strange turn in the bizarre life of one of hockey’s more curious personalities.