Craig Adams on NHLPA proposal: “We feel really good about our offer”


Donald Fehr rolled out the NHLPA’s counter-proposal today, impressing players and Gary Bettman alike.

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Craig Adams was one of those impressed players, as he told Josh Yohe.

“We don’t want to be in this situation every five or six years anymore,” Adams said. “We feel really good about our offer.”

Yohe believes that the players are “strongly united behind Fehr.”

Perhaps the most pertinent detail is that Adams told Yohe that players “are not resigned” to a hard salary cap, but would consider accepting one if “other facets are acceptable.”

If Adams’ words and Yohe’s opinions are any indication, the players are far more focused and organized under Fehr than they were during the last CBA negotiations.


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