Predators’ travel plans might be up in the air


Every professional sports team must deal with the rigors of travel, but the Nashville Predators might face some extra headaches next season.

Duane Marsteller reports that Swift Air LLC, the company the Predators uses, is dealing with “financial and legal problems.” Swift Air has reportedly asked out of its contract with the team.

Those issues could force the Predators to explore “alternate travel options” as the 2012-13 season approaches.

Marsteller passes along what the Predators said in court.

“The status of the debtor’s ability to perform under the contract … is of dire concern,” the Predators said in a court filing last month. “It is critical to know well in advance of the first preseason games whether the debtor will provide reliable transportation for the Predators.”

Bankruptcy courts will reportedly determine if Swift Air will keep the Predators contract on Tuesday. The company covers other pro teams, such as the Boston Celtics.

(H/T to Rotoworld.)