Lockout or not, Parise and Suter will get their “cash call”


The Nashville Predators aren’t the only team that will need to eat some big signing bonuses even if the lockout happens.

Charley Walters reports that the Minnesota Wild are set to shell out $10 million apiece for Ryan Suter and Zach Parise on Aug. 18 alone.

If a lockout happens, the next “cash call” could reportedly happen in November.

Walters details how the franchise is paying off those first fees:

With those bonuses due, a little birdie says, virtually all of the Wild’s 11 limited partners last week agreed to commit to a total capital call of $10 million. Principal partner Craig Leipold is expected to fund the remaining $10 million.

Earlier tonight, PHT passed along a story featuring an insider who believes that this CBA negotiation’s biggest battle is between big and small market owners, rather than owners and players.

Hearing details like these – and noting all the money the Predators owe Shea Weber this year, whether he gets on the ice or not – makes one wonder which owners aren’t quite so thrilled to back a lockout.

(H/T to George Malik.)