Lundqvist, Prust, Cammalleri, Winnik weigh in on lockout talk


Among the many differences between the current CBA negotiation and the last round is the rise of Twitter.

It’s given hockey fans and writers another way to express their thoughts and analysis on the ongoing talks to the masses, but it’s also provided hockey players with a quick, easy, and direct way to communicate with the public.

When NHL commissioner Gary Bettman told the union that the owners will not play another season under the current CBA and said that “we need to be paying out less in player costs,” several players took to Twitter to respond.

The counteroffer he’s referring to should be unveiled on Tuesday. A couple other players shared their thoughts via the #theplayers hashtag.

Finally, Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, fresh off his Vezina Trophy-winning campaign, expressed his disapproval over the current situation:

We’ll probably see a lot more players sharing their opinions about the ongoing situation via Twitter as the negotiations continue.