Canucks participate in Vancouver Pride Parade


Vancouver Canucks Manny Malhotra and Jason Garrison joined forces with You Can Play by marching in the 34th annual Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday.

Puck Daddy’s Harrison Mooney focuses on Canucks mascot Fin’s appearance as perhaps the most noteworthy inclusion – and not for comic purposes.

Fin, the Canucks’ mascot, won’t get nearly as much attention in all this, but his involvement really puts things over the top for the Canucks. This wasn’t just a few players deciding to go on their own (although they were hardly coerced): this was an organization sending out a full delegation, making a statement against intolerance in sport as a franchise.

Interesting point by Mooney, who also shared this brief clip from the parade:

CBC News reports that “hundreds of thousands” showed up for the event on Sunday. Here are some of Malhotra’s thoughts on You Can Play.

“The idea behind You Can Play is what we as athletes strive for — to be judged based on our talent,” Malholtra said. “Hopefully we can make homophobia in sport a thing of the past.”

The Canucks’ Twitter page provided these photos from the parade:

source:  (Garrison and Malhotra)


source:  (Fin highlights Canucks’ organizational support.)