Report: Burke testified in Messier’s arbitration case with Canucks


Larry Brooks reports that Brian Burke “testified on Mark Messier’s behalf” during his $6 million arbitration case against the Vancouver Canucks.

Burke was the Canucks’ general manager from 1997-2004. Messier spent three seasons (1997-98 through 1999-2000) with Vancouver.

Much like Messier, many believe that Burke isn’t a particularly popular man within the Canucks franchise these days.

Brooks passes along the view that the case never should’ve gone to arbitration in the first place, though.

Multiple individuals report the case was black-and-white, and never should have proceeded to arbitration given the clause in Messier’s registered contract he signed with the Canucks in 1997 that called for him to get a percentage of the increase in franchise value upon the team’s sale.

Charles Wang says the case should have been decided by Gary Bettman.