Mark Messier won $6 million in arbitration from the Vancouver Canucks


Mark Messier’s tenure in Vancouver isn’t what we’d call “memorable” by any means, but it just got a bit more¬†acrimonious.

The former Canucks captain won $6 million in arbitration against the team in a long-standing grievance he’s had with the team over monies owed. According to Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun, the dispute stems back to the five-year, $30 million deal Messier signed with the team in 1997 and how deferred money was paid out.

Messier lasted just three seasons with the Canucks before being bought out for $2 million and winding up back with the New York Rangers. During his time in Vancouver the Canucks missed the playoffs each year. With that sort of legacy, you can understand why this battle over owed money is a bit awkward, but now the Canucks will be paying Messier one last time for three bad seasons.