Ryan Jones can predict the future


Edmonton Oilers forward Ryan Jones showed his clairvoyant side on Tuesday while attending a Minnesota Twins-Chicago White Sox game at Target Field.

Prior to the game, Jones tweeted:

“Hitting up the Twins game tonight!! Look out women and children… I am stopping at nothing to catch a ball today. #minusspillingmybeer”

In the bottom of the sixth, his premonition came true. Twins OF Darin Mastroianni grounded a foul ball close to where Jones was sitting — and the guy they call “Junkman” made the snag:


“Look what I just caught!!!” Jones tweeted. “Even saved my beer!”

Jones’ exploits later received mention on Sportsnet (click here for a thorough breakdown of the called shot), something that amused him to no end.

“I guess this is one way to make the news in the summer,” he tweeted. “Best way I can think of.”