NHLPA rep Adams on NHL’s first offer: “They’re asking for huge concessions”


Pittsburgh Penguins forward Craig Adams — one of the 31 players sitting on the NHLPA’s negotiating committee — spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today after engaging in CBA talks in New York.

His comments to the Gazette weren’t surprising, especially given the opening salvo fired by the league.

“You don’t want to overreact or act emotionally,” Adams said. “We’re still hopeful we can get something done. They’re asking for huge concessions.

“It’s one proposal. It’s their opening bid.”

That opening bid was an eye-opener that caught the attention of the hockey world. It included an 11 percent decrease in revenue sharing, 10 seasons played before unrestricted free agency and a max contract length of five years.

Despite the boldness of the league’s first negotiation, Adams remained confident there was time for a deal to be struck.

“I’m always a fairly optimistic guy. I know there’s a long way to go,” he said. “Things are moving along slowly. We’re still hopeful we can get something done.”


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