Semin’s agent: “He needed a fresh start”


After seven eventful seasons, many felt that Alexander Semin’s time with the Washington Capitals had run its course.

Semin’s agent Mark Gandler advanced such a sentiment while reflecting on Semin’s one-year contract with Stephen Whyno.

“For Alex professionally he needed a fresh start,” Gandler said. “He needed short-handed time, he needed to be in the last minute of the game on the ice, if he deserves it. He wants to have basically an extended role … And I think this fresh start is going to be very helpful for people to see what Alex brings to the table when they isolate sort of the spotlight on him.”

Semin seemed to be a polarizing force among Capitals fans, yet Gandler claims that fans treated Semin “like gold.”

Gandler states that the Hurricanes have stated their “intentions” to use Semin in all situations, including shorthanded time. Gandler admits that Semin has some work to do, though.

“I think he needs to stay consistent, not to get frustrated. Just worry about doing his thing and do what he does best, which is shoot the puck, make plays, play defense, backcheck,” Gandler said. “That is probably the biggest change that he’d need to make.”