Weber’s agent: “He’s glad to be back”


Despite an offer sheet tailor-made to be difficult to stomach, the Nashville Predators spurned the Philadelphia Flyers by matching Shea Weber’s offer sheet. So how does Weber feel about remaining in Nashville?

TSN and John Glennon caught up with both of Weber’s agents to get some early reactions.

First, here are some of the highlights of what Weber Agent No. 1 Jarrett Bousquet had to say, via Glennon.

“It definitely sends a message that (the Preds’ ownership) is a solid group and they’re ready to move forward to go to the next level,” Bousquet said. “He’s glad to be back. He’s really happy ownership made the commitment to him. When I spoke to (Weber), he was going to meet with Barry (Trotz) and he’s really looking forward to getting back to work.”

Weber’s other agent Kevin Epp spoke with TSN, with transcriptions from Sean Gentille.

“Shea and us knew this could possibly happen, and I think Nashville is still, y’know, a very good organization,” Epp said. “I think the biggest thing he can do now is be the biggest promoter and recruiter to attract other free agents.”

One of the most-debated elements of the Weber discussion is whether or not the Predators will provide the defenseman with a no-trade clause after next season (teams cannot trade players for the first season of these deals). Epp said that “part of the deal was to have one” although it was a gray area of the talks.