Report: Doan gives Jamison until Friday to make progress on Coyotes purchase


Shane Doan is getting his ducks in a row should prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison fail to close on his intended purchase.

The Phoenix Business Journal is reporting Doan has given Jamison until Friday “to see if he can make some more progress or get close to finalizing the sale.”

Doan has already visited with the Rangers and Flyers, and there could be meetings with other suitors in the near future.

His agent, Terry Bross, tells USA Today the visits to other teams are intended to put a Plan B into place should Jamison fail to provide any assurances.

“When we get the news [about the Coyotes], whether it’s good or bad, at least we’ll be prepared,” Bross said. “Otherwise we’ll have to take a week to make a decision. If we find out it doesn’t happen, then we’re behind the eight-ball trying to go visit teams and make a decision. Let’s get them out of the way now.”

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