Byfuglien impaired boating trial begins Monday


It’s been nearly a year since Dustin Byfuglien was arrested for boating while intoxicated, but his trial is set to begin on Monday in Minnesota.

James Turner of the Winnipeg Sun reports Byfuglien’s case will be made around how they believe the police mishandled parts of his arrest.

Byfuglien’s attorney, Mitchell Robinson, claims police denied the NHL star his right to consult with a lawyer prior to being arrested for refusing to submit to a drug test last August.

A short time later, Byfuglien consented to taking the test, but police refused to conduct it.

“It’s too late,” Robinson said Byfuglien’s arresting officer told him at the time.

 Byfuglien has plead not guilty to the charges.

Judge Ronald Abrams will be hearing the case in a Minneapolis courtroom and if Byfuglien is convicted, his charges carry a maximum punishment of a year in jail and a $3000 fine. He could also wind up having visa issues getting into Canada if convicted as well which would become a pretty big problem considering he plays for the Winnipeg Jets.