Toews on CBA: “To say what will happen in September is impossible right now.”

NHLPA head Donald Fehr said there’s “no news” to share from the latest CBA meetings, but one might wonder if players can gauge the mood. Jonathan Toews admitted to Tracey Myers that he doesn’t really know what’s going to happen either, though.

 “To say what will happen in September is impossible right now,” Toews said.

Toews neutral comments rank between Cory Schneider’s calming plea for people not to panic and an anonymous insider’s claims that the NHL might lock out for a full season.

The annual Chicago Blackhawks convention’s other topics provided meatier responses on subjects other than Toews’ shoulder shrug, however. Patrick Kane discussed his off-the-ice issues, stating that he doesn’t believe that he has a drinking problem. In more hockey-first notes, Joel Quenneville also mapped out the way he’s likely to use his assistant coaches to Adam Jahns.

Joel Quenneville on coach responsibilities:”Jamie [Kompton] may have the power play & [Mike Kitchen] may get the PK but we’ll all have some input.”

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