Coyotes president: “I still retain optimism”


Phoenix Coyotes president Mike Nealy admits that there’s been some “zigging and zagging” as the team tries to complete a sale to Greg Jamison. Still, he told Lisa Halverstadt that “Coyotes staffers are hopeful” even as they prepare for a fourth season without an owner.

“I still retain optimism and I don’t think that’s foolish optimism,” Nealy said. ““It’s still moving forward … It’s zigging and zagging a bit but Greg Jamison is still working toward the ultimate resolution with the public issues that are out there. At the end of the day, the league is still interested in keeping the team here.”

One possible reason for that positivity is improving box office numbers. Nealy passed along word to Halverstadt that the team is setting franchise records for ticket sales and renewals, although exact amounts weren’t provided.


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