Glendale formally rejects referendum petition for Coyotes deal


According to the Arizona Republic, the city of Glendale has formally rejected the petition seeking a referendum on the Phoenix Coyotes lease agreement deal.

More, from the Republic:

The two residents spearheading the referendum had submitted signatures last Thursday, which city officials said was three days past the deadline.

They turned in about 1,568 signatures, but the city has said 1,862 signatures is the minimum number required.

The residents — Ken Jones and Joe Cobb — spent three weeks collecting signatures in the hopes of giving voters the chance to overturn Glendale’s $324 million lease agreement with the Coyotes.

City Council had approved the deal last month, but Jones and Cobb had been seeking to get a referendum put on the November ballot.

Long story short, this is good news for Coyotes fans. As Forrest Gump said, “One less thing.”

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