Report: Blackhawks dangled Bolland in offer for Luongo


That the Chicago Blackhawks reportedly have interest in Roberto Luongo is surprising enough on its own, but what if noted irritant Dave Bolland was one of the players offered up for the soon-to-be former Canucks goalie? Jason Botchford of The Province says that’s precisely what happened.

They even reportedly dangled one of Vancouver’s arch-enemies, Dave Bolland, to the crew over at Rogers Arena. Now, that would take some getting used to, both for fans and players.

Bolland in the same locker-room as the Sedins? You could probably put their first handshake on PPV. Luongo with Patrick Kane? File it under ‘we’d have to see it to believe it’.

If you don’t recall, Bolland ripped the Sedins in a Chicago radio interview referring to them as the “Sedin sisters” — a sentiment that didn’t sit well with Vancouver GM Mike Gillis. Perhaps this was Chicago GM Stan Bowman’s way of chirping Vancouver in his own funny way. “Here, how about you take the guy your city hates more than anyone?”

This revelation is even more interesting given Chicago’s extreme lack of centermen. The Blackhawks are still hunting for a second line center and Bolland best fits their third line. Oddly enough, Bolland being in Vancouver would make for a great fit on Vancouver’s third line and with his aggressive mouth and attitude, he’d be a perfectly irritating fit on a Canucks team with guys like Alex Burrows and Maxim Lapierre.