Luongo admits he “might be” a Panther soon during World Series of Poker


Table chatter is common during poker games – even the World Series of Poker – but apparently Roberto Luongo wasn’t hiding everyone during his fourth (and final) day in the event. Shortly before being eliminated, Bluff Magazine caught an interesting interchange between Luongo and Kamran Siddiqui where Luongo made a far-from-sly reference about the possibility of his return to the Florida Panthers.

“You played for my hometown team,” said Siddiqui, who is from Miami.

“Who’s that?” asked Luongo.

“The Florida Panthers,” answered Siddiqui.

“Oh yeah, I might be going back there,” said Luongo, while smiling.

“Yeah?” asked Siddiqui.

“Might be,” replied Luongo.

That’s far from groundbreaking stuff, but it’s interesting to hear it come from Luongo himself. We’ll see if his mild prediction will come true soon enough.