Donald Fehr doesn’t think next CBA will include salary rollbacks


NHL owners aired some pretty outrageous demands during the early stages of the CBA negotiations, but who knows what they’re truly looking for. Another big question is how much the NHLPA will budge. Donald Fehr’s comments to Terry Koshar indicate that the 24 percent salary rollbacks from the last agreement won’t happen again.

“What do I think about salary rollbacks?” Fehr said. “I think basically what most people representing employees would think about salary rollbacks. What I’m sure you would think about salary rollbacks if they came to you. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what that is.”

“I certainly assume that the owners would intend to comply with all of the contracts they have signed, and nobody has suggested (anything) to the contrary.”

The big rollbacks – Jaromir Jagr must still be pissed about that – came because the players were in a desperate situation. Pieces of the revenue pie might get divvied up differently, but messing with existing contracts would take something dramatic.