After a lull, the trade market might start to pick up


Feel like things have been quiet on the trade front lately? It’s not just you. According to Tracey Myers of CSN Chicago, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman said that the discussions going on between teams are “not as frantic as 10 days ago.”

Given that big names like Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, and Roberto Luongo are still theoretically on the market, shouldn’t the trade talks be picking up instead of dying down?

“We’ve had discussions but a lot of teams are doing camps like we are. Teams across the league are focusing on this,” Bowman said. “This is an important event for us and we’re dedicating a lot of time on it. There are still discussions, but it’s not like it was probably 10 days ago.”

With the prospects camps coming to a close, the focus will probably shift back to the trade market.

Chicago in particular might be in on the talks for Luongo, although Bowman hasn’t tipped his hand in the past and that’s not likely to change.