Fehr says CBA meeting covered “day-to-day working conditions”

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The NHL and NHLPA engaged in their fifth meeting regarding a new CBA on Friday, discussing various items for more than four hours according to NHL.com’s  Adam Kimmelman. For the most part, Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr stuck to previous descriptions of a “business-like” process, although Fehr did provide a bit more detail.

“There were a variety of topics discussed — both economic and not central economic — having to do with day-to-day working conditions,” Fehr said. “I think it’s fair to say we had a good and a frank exchange of views.”

The CBA expires on Sept. 15, so the two sides have a lot of work to do in the next couple months. They’re not divulging many details, but one wonders if the “gloves might come off” as training camp/the regular season approaches.

Here’s some quick video from the proceedings, also via NHL.com: