Soldier Field execs hope to host a future Winter Classic


On Tuesday night, we shared news that Chicago’s Soldier Field would host two NCAA contests next February. Like any self-respected big city official, Chicago Park District CEO Michael Kelly is dreaming bigger, though. Kelly told Brian Hamilton that he hopes Solider Field will one day host a Winter Classic after losing out to Wrigley Field in 2009.

“Do I think this could pave the way to a future NHL (Winter Classic)? I certainly think so,” Kelly said. “I think we’re going to pack this place. I think this, at least for one day, will rival a Bears game. I could easily see 57,000, 62,000 people in this stadium going nuts.”

“I’d put us up against anybody in the country — one, as a hockey town; two, as the proper venue for hockey in Chicago.”

While the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins show that teams can appear in more than one Winter Classic, it hasn’t returned to the same venue twice just yet. With that in mind, Solider Field representatives might need to wait a little while before that dream comes true.

There’s little denying that it would be cool, even if they don’t have Wrigley’s ivy.