Doan isn’t interested in a one-year deal in Phoenix


If it were up to Shane Doan, he’d stay in Phoenix for the rest of his career. That much we know is true. With the team’s ownership mess up in the air, however, it’s led to him exploring a very eager-to-sign-him free agent market.

When it comes to the Coyotes, however, there’s one thing Doan won’t do: Sign a one-year deal. That’s what his agent, Terry Bross, tells Sarah McLellan of the Arizona Republic.

Doan hasn’t ruled out returning to the Coyotes, but Bross no longer anticipates Doan agreeing to a one-year deal with the team.

“I think the door’s kind of closed on that opportunity,” he said.

A multiyear contract is fine with the Coyotes, but they, too, have become bystanders in this process.

For a guy that’s been the face of a franchise in peril for three years now, you can’t fault Doan for wanting security in his own future. At 35 years-old, he’s had a lot to deal with both on and off the ice and while Phoenix is home for him, he knows if it’s not going to be the team’s home for the foreseeable future he can’t commit to them long-term.