POLL: Nash, Ryan, Doan or Semin — who would you want?


OK, so here’s the deal. You’re a GM in need a forward. You have the opportunity to get one of Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, Shane Doan, or Alex Semin. (Or, you can do nothing.)

Of course, each one comes with a price…

To get Nash, you’ll have to give up a solid roster player, a couple of decent prospects, and a first-round pick. Plus you have to take on his contract, which has six years left at a cap hit of $7.8 million.

To get Ryan, it’s the same price as Nash. Contract: three years left, cap hit $5.1 million.

To get Doan, you have to give him a three-year deal with a $5 million cap hit and a no-trade clause.

To get Semin, it’s one year for $2 million, and if it works out he’s promised to re-sign a reasonable deal (and we’ll assume he won’t break his promise).

Or, again, you can do nothing.