Coyotes say Brett MacLean is “doing well” after cardiac emergency


It appears that Phoenix Coyotes forward Brett MacLean is feeling much better one week after a frightening “cardiac emergency” in Owen Sound, Ontario. He was “conscious and speaking” a couple days later and the Coyotes report that his recovery continues to progress nicely. Here’s the latest update from the Coyotes.

“We have been in contact with Brett’s family and the hospital over the past week and the reports are that he is doing well and his condition is improving. Brett will continue to undergo tests with the cardiology team at University Hospital in London, Ontario.”

There’s no word yet regarding MacLean’s chances of resuming his hockey career, though. That’s probably to be expected as doctors still must determine the cause for his heart problems and whether or not this could be a recurring issue.

If nothing else, it appears that MacLean should survive that scary incident, which is great news either way.