B.C. Lottery will pay Roberto Luongo’s entry into World Series of Poker


Roberto Luongo might not be associated with British Columbia (and the Vancouver Canucks) much longer, but he’ll represent B.C. at the poker table next week. Brad Ziemer reports that B.C. Lottery Corp will pay Luongo’s $10,000 entry fee to compete in the World Series of Poker as part of an endorsement deal.

It’s widely believed that Luongo is Tweeting under the name “@strombone1,” where he announced his trip to Vegas earlier this week. Who know if that’s really him/will ever be official, but I’d like to make a request for him to do two things:

1. Live Tweet from the main event table.

2. Steal and destroy Greg Raymer’s irritating, against-the-spirit-of-it-all glasses:

source: Getty Images

So will Luongo be the richest guy at the table? How far do you think he’ll make it? (I can just picture the “choking”/beach ball jokes now …)