Wild fans can already buy Parise, Suter jerseys


The NHL Store is on top of its game. Fans in New York City already have the option to buy a Zach Parise and/or Ryan Suter Minnesota Wild jersey, as you can see from this image taken at the store (via the NHL):


(If I were some marketer, I’d absolutely offer a Parise-Suter “package deal” for $196. Then I’d probably lose a lot of money, judging by how much they tend to sell for.)

For some, they’ll see Parise’s No. 11 jersey and say, “Oh, he gave up No. 9 because Mikko Koivu is wearing that.” Well, maybe he would’ve gone with No. 11 anyway, because his father J.P. Parise also wore No. 11 with the Minnesota North Stars.

Here’s a random question to wrap things up: if you’re a Wild fan and you only have the scratch to buy one of the two jerseys, which one would you get? (Please don’t say Jake Dowell.)