Toews says he is finally over his concussion


It feels like forever ago, but Jonathan Toews says he’s finally over the concussion that put him out of action at the end of this past season and made life hard for him in the playoffs.

Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune hears from Toews about how he’s feeling now a few months removed from his injury.

“I feel great,” said Toews, who attended a meeting with the National Hockey League Players Association executive board Monday at a downtown hotel. “I’m having a great summer so far. It was a pretty nerve-wracking thing (but) taking the time off and not going to the World Championships was really big. I haven’t felt or seen anything since so it’s good news.”

The Blackhawks captain didn’t quite seem like himself during their first-round defeat to the Coyotes scoring two goals and adding two assists in the six-game series. While he was also busy talking up Patrick Kane, Toews is also in the position of dealing with being part of the labor situation this summer. It’s never a slow time when you’re a captain.