Dallas Stars will be the NHL’s most traveled team in 2012-13


You might assume that the Winnipeg Jets would have the harshest road schedule in the league given that they will once again play in the same division as the Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning. However, the Dallas Morning news reports that the Dallas Stars will actually lead the league in air miles.

The Stars, a Pacific Division team that’s based out of northern Texas, will travel a total of 49,851 miles over the course of the 2012-13 campaign, based on the newly released schedule.

That’s pretty harsh and it will probably be brought up when the NHL reopens the issue of realignment. Had the original realignment plan been approved by the NHLPA, the Dallas Stars would be playing in Conference B with Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis, and Winnipeg. That would have probably been preferable to the Stars from a travel perspective, but it would have also been an extremely tough conference to make the playoffs in.