Montreal isn’t interested in dealing P.K. Subban


You’re going to find this one hard to believe, but the Montreal Canadiens apparently have no designs on trading P.K. Subban.

So reports Arthur Staple of New York Newsday who sniffed around at possible offseason trades for Garth Snow and the Islanders and finds out Montreal isn’t looking to move their top young defenseman.

A restricted free agent such as the Canadiens’ P.K. Subban would have gotten Snow to strongly consider dealing the fourth overall pick, but new Montreal GM Marc Bergevin isn’t moving Subban, according to those who’ve spoken with him.

It’s probably very tempting to Bergevin to have back-to-back picks in the top five of the draft, but giving up a 23-year-old defenseman working into his prime is the sort of move that gets you run out of town. After seeing Montreal practically give away Ryan McDonagh to the Rangers a couple years ago, moving the very popular Subban is an instant no-go.