Darryl Sutter snaps family’s 29-year Stanley Cup drought


Historically speaking, the Sutter family hasn’t had many problems spending time with the Stanley Cup. All told, the six hockey-playing Sutter brothers captured Lord Stanley’s mug six times, a fairly good ratio.

But dig a little deeper and there’s more to the story.

Two of the brothers — Brent and Duane — combined to win all six Cups while playing for the Islanders in the early 80s. Brent won two, Duane won four, the last of which came in 1983.

So in actuality, one-third of the Sutters (Ron, Rich, Brian and Darryl) had never won a Stanley Cup, and the family hadn’t seen it in 29 years — until last night, that is.

Darryl, the LA Kings head coach, became the third Sutter to ever hoist it, and now holds the unique distinction of being the first Sutter to win a Cup as a head coach.

Following a 6-1 win in Game 6, Sutter spoke to the media about what it means to him and the family.

Q. Darryl, can you take us back maybe to the last time the Stanley Cup was in Viking, at your mom’s house and what it’s like after all these years to get one?

COACH SUTTER: Dog (Duane) and Brent got their name on it six times. I wish each one of my brothers could have been on there. Take a run at it again. That’s the next thing.

Oh, those Sutters. Always wanting more.