Drew Doughty says having family around before Game 4 was distracting


If you’re wondering why, perhaps, the Kings haven’t quite looked like themselves lately, defenseman Drew Doughty has some ideas. the Kings had a chance to wrap up the Stanley Cup the last two games but failed to do so.

During today’s media availability, Doughty says playing at home in Game 4 proved to be more than a bit distracting.

“I think a lot of us before Game 4 were distracted with family members and friends, the Cup coming in the building,” Doughty said.

“A lot of things we have to put aside. Family always comes first for everyone, but at this point of the year, the team has to come first.”

That might sound like a cold, harsh reality but remember that this Kings team had taken to staying in a hotel while at home, too. Doughty says they’ve learned a lesson through this.

“We realize a lot of us didn’t play at our potential in Game 4. We were nervous, worried about other things. All of us in the room were kind of frustrated that we were thinking about things ahead of time. Darryl made sure that wasn’t going to happen this time.  We’ll be well-prepared for Game 6.”