Video: Pang, Pierre and Roenick reveal how to beat Brodeur


There are plenty of reasons for “neutral” fans to want the 2012 Stanley Cup finals to go as long as possible. Personally, I’d rank “more Darren Pang/Pierre McGuire/Jeremy Roenick tutorial videos” pretty high on that list. (Note: they don’t rank as high as “these are the last games that count until October – at the earliest,” though.)

It appeals to a portion of the sports fans’ mind that cannot help but enjoy those Tom Emanski commercials, although these clips are shorter, lack much of the unintentional comedy and don’t hilariously involve Fred McGriff.

Either way, it’s some great stuff. In this clip, Pang, McGuire and Roenick discuss the best ways to thwart Martin Brodeur. Brodeur deserves special consideration because of his now-unusual style of goaltending as much as his lofty accomplishments:

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!